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The Systems and Networking Laboratory  conducts  research on leading-edge computer systems of all scales, ranging from global-scale systems and networks to embedded devices. Across these multiple scales our particular interest is on extra-functional properties of systems, such as performance, programmability, productivity, security, trust, sustainability and, last but not least, the societal impact of emerging systems-related technologies.

Our approach to research is a practical and engineering-oriented one that regularly involves the design, implementation and maintenance of prototypical tools and proof-of-concept applications that demonstrate and promote our research results.

The SNE laboratory is closely working together with the SNE Master (www.os3.nl), Software Engineering Master (SE) and the Computer Science Master (CS) programs to disseminate knowledge through education. For more information see: Systems and Networking Laboratory (SNE).


prof.dr.ir. Cees de Laat __ Complex Cyber Infrastructure (CCI) __ http://sne.science.uva.nl/

dr. Paola Grosso
Multiscale Networked Systems (MNS)

dr. Andy Pimentel
Parallel Computing Systems (PCS)

dr. Francesco Regazzoni
Security by Design (SBD)

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Lab Environment

OpenLab @ UvA CIENA 8700 & photonics FieldLab - KLM - SURFnet - UvA first light Feb 2, 2017